November 1, 2012


Oh, how I love making costumes for Halloween.  My husband had the audacity to suggest we just buy them this year.  Pay $40 for nylon/polyester pieces of junk?  No way!  I can make a high quality masterpiece for much cheaper (that part is less then honest, I always have the goal to make them cheaper, but I always keep adding little details until the cost is not really a savings...Does anyone else who sews have this problem?  I always think I can make that for much less, but in the end I spend just as much, if not more, creating it myself.  The enjoyment of making it myself is worth it though...anyway). I wanted to show off our Halloween fun we had last night.  My camera is acting my sister let me borrow hers for a photo op.  we don't have any pictures of the actual trick or treating stuff, but you get the idea.  I also decided to include last years costumes as well, because when you work that hard, for that long it feels good to show them off.  So it's a two for one today.  Two years of Halloween costume themes in one post.  May I present Little Red and her friends and the family circus.  Enjoy!


October 31, 2012

Addie's Art Party

Oh my...where did October go?  Here is the long promised art party post.  We had so much fun at this one.  It was pretty simply decorated but, had so many fun activities.  We had a baby shower right before the party (that we attended), so we only had a little time to set up after they cleaned up the shower, but I was rather pleased with the party.  It was so enjoyable watching the kids paint and draw and create.  So anyway, check out the pictures and hopeful they provide you with a little inspiration. Enjoy! 

October 2, 2012

Ingrid's First Birthday

Here is Ingrid's first birthday party.  It was Princess and the Pea themed.  I wanted something fun and girlie, since this will most likely be my last first birthday party.  I really had fun with all the details.  We had it late morning and did a brunch, which seemed appropriate for a sleepy princess.  Hope you enjoy all the pictures!

The Little Princess

I love pinterest and spent a lot of time there trying to come up with ideas.  There were a lot of great ideas and it was hard to narrow it down.

I made ruffle cupcakes with a little sixlet candy for the pea.

I found an old high chair at goodwill and painted it to match the party.  I really loved the way it turned out.

The cake was also a ruffle cake.  I used a sixlet on it as well and put a little lace crown on top.

I took a dollar store candle and added buttons, jewels, paint, and glitter to make it a little more fit for a princess.

The kids table.  I covered a table in sheets and put a headboard behind it.

What's a Princess and the Pea Party without displaying the pea.


I made the cake table tablecloth to resemble stacked matresses.

Ingrid enjoyed her cake and her party!  It was such a blast.  Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

September 26, 2012

Elias' 9th Birthday

So I thought I would start at the beginning of this year and work towards the party I just posted about Evie.  This is the party we had for Elias in March.  He decided he wanted a camping party.  We originally planned on actually camping afterwards, but they forecasted rain for the whole weekend, so we didn't end up doing so.  The day actually turned out nice and we were even able to set up the tents outside for the kids to play in.  We really had a great time doing this party.  Enjoy!

We had a s'mores and trail mix bar.  The kids really enjoyed this part (I think burning marshmallows was their favorite).  I just used little votive candles, but it took a while to get them cooked evenly.  It still worked out and the kids had a blast!

Elias wanted a cake with a camping scene on top.  I decorated it using marshmallow fondant and candy rocks.  He helped make the firewood and the little waterfall on back.  He is getting really good at helping me with his cakes.

Traditional camping/picnic food.  We had hotdogs, corn, potato salad, baked beans, as well as other goodies.  I also filled the bottom of the drink canisters with pinecones and moss.  I though it gave it an outdoorsy feel.

The cupcakes were choclate with chocalate mousse and a roasted marshmallow on easy.

We made little tents for inside.  I found the instructions on pintrest.  They were really easy. Atleast, I think they were (I made my husband make them).  It it just some boards, a dowel rod, and a twin bed sheet with elastic sewn on.

Hope you enjoyed Elias' 9th birthday party...he certainly did!